Demo Programs

Software Demo programs are available for the new Accounting/P.O., Student Fees and Daycare Programs only.

We developed these software modules in 2007 to take advantage of the changes available with the newer Windows operating systems. This was also our 32nd year as a School Software Provider, all of our newer software is identified by the 32 suffix.

Online Software Demo Form >>>

These are fully functional programs that allow you to test every option. The only limitation is the number of entries you can enter on each module.

It’s Quick! It’s Easy! We want you to be satisfied that this is the right program for you. Give the program a good workout, add entries, print checks, run reports, then when you are satisfied that this program will save you time and frustration, simply contact us and we will send you the file to register the program, once registered the program becomes fully functional.

For technical support, please contact our office at 800-237-6498