About EPES

Educational Programs and Software began as an educational consulting firm in 1972. In 1977 when microcomputers were introduced, EPES was among the first to begin writing software applications for School Administrative functions. From that early beginning, the company has produced over twenty administrative software programs and has a customer base of over 22,000. EPES was incorporated in 1986, it is a privately owned and operated Oklahoma Corporation.

EPES Software programs have been developed with the primary objective of offering quality, easy to use, software products, at a reasonable price, backed by reliable, professional, technical support personnel.

In 1997, we introduced our first internet site. Since that time significant growth and development has occurred both in the United States and abroad. EPES is currently one of the most widely used school activity accounting programs in the U.S.. Our Activity Accounting software is in use by over 16,000 schools nation wide.

EPES has a reputation for listening to and responding to user needs. Because of this our software programs are continually enhanced to meet specific state and local requirements. Suggestions from our users are also instrumental in our software upgrades. All updated software modules are accessible via our web page.