EPES Web Accounting Software Features

• Since this program is web based, users will be able to access the program from any computer with internet access. Options are available to allow the district office to set access limits and dates and times for each user.

• All data from the Accounting32 program will convert. Existing forms can be used for web version.

• Web software is leased on a per school, per year basis.

• Annual lease fee includes hosting, daily scheduled “off-site” data storage, technical support and automatic program updates.

• Schools are no longer required to perform manual backups.

• Data will be maintained and accessible for a period of 3 years at no additional cost.

• Hosting company is a SSAE 16 audited facility with a percent of availability greater than 99.999% for the last 17 years.

• EPES Tech Support will not have access to your passwords or be able to reset them.

• Program will automatically log the user out after 1 hour of inactivity.

• District users have access to all user names and passwords within their district. These user names and passwords can be changed at any time or made inactive.

• There is no charge for district enrollment to monitor schools in the district utilizing the software.

• There are consolidated reports for the district level. These include 1099 reports, outstanding checks, ledger report and several other reports. These reports can be run for an individual school or for the entire district.

• There is a log in for auditors. This will allow the auditor to log in at one location and access all schools in your district. They are only allowed to look at the data and run reports. Any changes necessary to data must be made by district user or bookkeeper.

• We have partnered with several companies that can process online credit card payments. These receipts will post directly to the web accounting program.

• We provide SSL service at no additional charge. SSL is an abbreviation for Secured Socket Layer. SSL technology secretly encodes (or encrypts) information as it is being sent over the internet. This encryption technology is designed to ensure that account information travels securely over the Internet and remains confidential.

• Our web program is currently being utilized by over 2800 users in 36 states.

For addtional information, please contact our office at 800-424-7512

Download Web Accounting Enrollment Form