Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a 30 Day Free Trial and a Free Demo?

How do I order a 30 Day Free Trial on a product?

How do I download a Free Demo?

What Guarantee does EPES Software give on any program I order?

What does your One Year Free Technical Support include?

How do I get Free Updates and Toll Free support?

Do your programs run on a network and what is the additional cost?

I'm having trouble printing checks with my new dot matrix printer...

I'm having trouble printing checks and receipts to a Dot Matrix printer on Windows NT and Novell.

Do you have programs for the Macintosh Computer?

I just purchased a new computer and am getting a 'Divide by Zero' or "An error has occurred in your program. To keep working anyway, click ignore and save" error message. What do I do?

How do I void a check from a prior year or month?

I put in a receipt and printed a list of receipts but it doesn’t show on my list. When I print my Ledger it shows. What do I look for?

My ending and beginning balances from one month to the next have changed. What did I do wrong?

I have an Ending Balance showing up in my Cash on Hand Account, but I have already deposited all my receipts?

I run a Ledger Report and all my Beginning Balances are wrong?

I enter a record and it gives me an invalid date message?

I put the wrong cancel date on a check. How do I get that date changed?

I put in a Payable record and when I try to print the check it says "No Payables to print".

I have installed the program and as soon as I go to the Program Preferences option I get a message "Position is off Screen". What causes this?

I try to go into the Program and I get a message "Record Locked - someone else may be using this file" and I’m the only one on this program.

Check or Receipt does not appear on sequential list.

Check or Receipt appears twice on Sequential list and Reconciliation Report.

While installing or updating the software I get an error message when extracting the file.