Electronic Check Re-presentment

Electronic Check Re-presentment a new process for recovering NSF checks by converting the check into an electronic transaction and debiting the customers account for the amount of the check and the collection fee.

The Process
1. You deposit checks into your bank as usual.
2. The insufficient checks are returned to our processing center Insuracheck.
3. The check is re-presented electronically at uniquely specific times and collected if funds are detected.
4. 100% of the face value of collected checks is deposited into your account

Benefits of electronic check processing
Collect NSF checks electronically with NO COST to the school
· No monthly or annual fees
· No set up fees
· No equipment to lease or purchase
· No per transaction charge
· Dramatic improvement in collection rates
Weekly payments
Weekly fax or e-mail reports
No binding contracts.
Online account access 24/7
You get 100% of ALL checks collected
NSF Bank Charges eliminated
If no NSF Bank Charges are incurred then a rebate is offered for each collected check

For more information, please call 866-729-6316

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