Student Fees 32

The most Time-Saving program yet for Student Fees...
It's Fast, Easy & Comprehensive

Now, you can press one key and get the history of every fee a student has ever paid you. Press another key and get the total amount of fees due for that student.

You can record and print a receipt in less time than it takes to hand write one! Picture this:
10:02 a.m. John Smith rushes in to pay his remaining fee balance. You go to the Fees program. He doesn't remember his I.D. number. So you press one key. A list of I.D. numbers and names comes on the screen. You move to the name column and begin typing SMI and there it is: John Smith. Press < Balance Owed > and it tells you he owes $5.00. Press < Pay on Balance> and enter $5.00. Click on < Print Receipt > and his receipt is printed. John walks out of your office at 10:03 a.m.

Student Fees is easy to use: Enter student information first. Then enter a fee code, description and normal charge for each fee. Now you're ready to record student fees! (If you already have your students in another program, use the ASCII Import option to automatically enter your student information without re-typing!)

Key Benefits
• Printing is a snap, preview the reports on the screen or print to the printer
• Use the credit balance option for pre-payments, balances are reduced as fees are paid
• To record student fees, simply enter the student's I.D. and Fee Code
• To record full payment, simply click on one button and verity the date
• Create up to 99 of your own personalized letters
• Use the same receipts as you do for your Basic Activity program

Here are just a few of the reports you'll be able to print:
• Fees due
• Fees received
• Form letters
• List of students with credit
• List of fee codes
• Now you can Save Time and Eliminate Duplication of Effort

The Student Fees program will automatically post receipt totals to your Basic Accounting program. You don't have to calculate totals or re-enter information. You can still keep detailed accounts on students and keep track of activity accounts without duplication of effort!

For addtional information, please contact our office at 800-424-7512

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