Technical Bulletins

Important Bulletin
For users who have not upgraded to the new Accounting Software

We have just been informed that the latest release of theVista OS will not run our 16 Bit program (Activity Accounting for Windows).

Most of our user base has already upgraded to the new software release and are vey satisfied, especially with the automatic backup, excel export option and numerous other enhancements included with the release.

If you are using the older release of our Accounting Software and intend to upgrade your computer to the newest Vista system, please contact our office for options and costs to upgrade to ur newest software release.

Mac Computers

Below are the requirements necessary to run the E.P.E.S. Software on a Mac Computer.

We have a Mac with the “Leopard” operating system. It runs the newer 32 bit E.P.E.S. Software without any changes to the system.

If you have a Mac with the O.S. X Operating System the following steps are required:

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac must be installed
(This software is available in most Software Store for approximately $69.00).
After “Parallels” is installed, whenever you attempt to open Parallels it will instruct you to install either Windows XP or Vista – follow the “on screen” instructions and install XP. You will also need to install your proper printer drivers in order for your printer to work on the XP O/S. Typical installation time for these procedures is approximately 45 minutes. Once the installation is complete, launch XP and install the E.P.E.S. 32 bit program and it should function properly.

If you experience problems after performing the above modifications you should contact your I.T. Department personnel for assistance. We have successfully performed these steps here but we do not allow our support personnel to assist with the installation of any “Third Party” software, nor can they assist with configuration changes to hardware/software that are not the property of E.P.E.S.