Our policy is to respond to Customer product requests and suggestions for enhancements on a regular and timely basis. For this reason, we update our programs frequently to implement suggestions from our valued Customers. We rewrote several software modules in 2004 to take advantage of the changes available with the newer Windows operating systems. This was also our 32nd year as a School Software Provider, all of our newer software is identified by the 32 suffix.

Please complete the form below. Make sure this information is accurate, we will use the email address to send you the required password.

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important note:
Software updates for the Acctg32, Fees32 & Daycare software are available within the “Utilities” section of each program. If you have a program older than 2.37 (Acctg32) or 2.05 (Daycare) you need to contact the office for downlaod instructions, If not Simply go to the Utilities section of the program and select “Update Version”. This option will create an automatic link to our web page and download the latest version of the program you are running (You must be connected to the internet in order to use this option).

If you are using the previous version of EPES programs you must download updates from this web page. You’re entitled to FREE updates if you have a valid support contract. Our support staff will verify that you qualify for the update and will email you the password required to complete the installation. This is not the complete program and will not run unless you have already purchased and installed the Windows program.

We appreciate your continued support of EPES Software products. Our commitment is to continue to provide the most user friendly, cost effective School Software available, supported by the best, most dedicated group of Support Technicians in the industry.

For technical support, please contact our office at 800-237-6498