Make A Payment

Welcome to the online payment portal!

At this time, EPES users are only able to pay their support contract renewals if they have received an invoice from the billing department via email. To make a payment you will need to type in your District or Customer ID number in the box below. The system will then search for the corresponding invoice and ask you to verify that the information is correct. If the information and the invoice match, simply click on “Pay” and you will be redirected to our third- party processing site, Stripe. If the information is incorrect, contact the billing department Monday-Friday 8am-4pm CST at 1(800)424–7512.

When you are redirected to Stripe, you will then be given the opportunity to provide the email address that you would like the receipt sent to and your credit/debit card information. Stripe currently accepts Google Pay or Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards. Customers also have the ability to allow Stripe to store their payment information for a faster check out for next time. This is optional and it does not allow Stripe to automatically renew your support next year. Once the payment has successfully gone through, you will be rerouted back to the EPES website with a page that provides helpful information.

When the payment successfully goes through, the EPES webpage will provide users with a unique Transaction ID for your records. Please retain the unique Transaction ID until you notice that your subscription dates have successfully updated. If the billing department has any questions about a payment, they will need your Transaction ID to track the payment. If you would like to print the Transaction ID for your records you can do so on this page by clicking the print function at the bottom of the screen.

Please allow up to 24 hours for our billing department to update your subscription after making a payment. If your subscription has not been updated within 24 hours feel free to contact us.

There will be a convenience fee in the amount 3.25% of your invoice total added to your credit card charge.

You will need the following
1. Your Invoice Number

Invoice Number
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