Virtual Training

EPES Software offers virtual training for customers who are new to EPES programs and to customers who need a refresher.

With virtual training, users/schools are assigned a Support Tech who walks them through the program from its most basic functions to its more advanced. This training can be as extensive as the user would like as each Support Tech tailors the training session to adhere to the needs of the users/schools. When participating in a virtual training, your assigned Support Tech will facilitate a virtual medium that works best for the users/schools. For a training that includes only one school, your Support Tech will contact you directly to do a screenshare. If the training includes more than one school, your Support Tech is likely to generate a meeting code through GoToMeeting, which provides a phone number that the users/schools can dial to access the meeting. Typically, a virtual training can take anywhere from one hour to an hour and half, with thirty minutes for questions. Prices vary for virtual training based on the needs of the customer.

For information on virtual training prices contact (800) 424–7512.

On-Site Training

For customers who would rather have an on-site training, EPES is happy to accommodate!

The training is conducted by one or two EPES Support Techs coming to your site to conduct a training session. These sessions include one 8-hour day of training. Depending on the level of experience and prior use of EPES products, on site training may require only one-day of training for multiple packages. In addition to the fee for training, on-site training costs also consist of:

• Airfare (for 1-2 Support Techs)
• Hotel Accommodations
• Rental Car

On-Site training is conducted in a lab type setting with an overhead projector.
Prices for on-site training vary depending on the cost of airfare, hotel, rental car, and number of Support Techs.

For more information on on-site training contact (800) 424–7512.
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